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2-3 Years Old


  • Follow simple two part instructions (e.g., ‘give me the ball and the car’)

  • Respond to simple 'wh-' questions, such as ‘what’ and ‘where’

  • Point to several body parts and pictures in books when named

  • Understand when an object is ‘in' and ‘on’ something.


  • Say more than 50 single words

  • Put two words together (e.g., ‘bye teddy’, ‘no ball’)

  • Use their tone of voice to ask a question (e.g.,‘teddy go?’)

  • Say ‘no’ when they do not want something

  • Use most vowel sounds and a variety of consonants (m, n, p, b, k, g, h, w, t, d)

  • Start to use ‘mine’ and ‘my’


  • New intents include symbolic play (i.e., make believe play), talking about absent objects from play

  • Uses attention words such as "Hey!" to attract attention

  • Expresses emotions 

  • Produces short dialogue

  • Verbally introduces and changes topics in conversation 

  • Narratives (i.e., stories) are primarily labels and descriptions  

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