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4-5 Years Old


  • Answers most questions about daily tasks

  • Understand most 'wh-' questions, including those about a story they have recently heard

  • Understand some numbers

  • Show an awareness that some words start or finish with the same sounds.

  • Follow three part instructions (e.g., put on your shoes, get your backpack and line up outside)

  • Understand time related words (e.g., ‘before’, ‘after’, ‘now’ and ‘later’)

  • Start thinking about the meaning of words when learning

  • Understand instructions without stopping to listen

  • Begin to recognise some letters, sounds and numbers.


  • Use words, such as ‘and’, ‘but’ and ‘because’, to make longer sentences

  • Describe recent events, such as morning routines

  • Ask lots of questions

  • Use personal pronouns (e.g., he/she, me/you) and negations (e.g., don’t/can’t)

  • Count to five and name a few colours.

  • Use well formed sentences to be understood by most people

  • Take turns in increasingly longer conversations

  • Tell simple, short stories with a beginning, middle and end

  • Use past and future verbs correctly (e.g., ‘went’, ‘will go’)

  • Use most speech sounds, but still may have difficulties with ‘s’, ‘r’, ‘l’ and ‘th’.

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