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9-12 months


  • Responds to their name even if they're occupied with a game

  • Respond when you say “no”

  • Turn their head and look for a sound when they can’t see what is making it (e.g. a noise coming from inside the cupboard or something behind them)

  • Anticipate what will happen next (e.g. giggle before you take your hands away in a game of peek-a-boo)

  • Look at objects or people when attention is given to them (e.g. pointing to a picture/person or an object such as a plane up in the sky. 


  • Respond to someone by smiling or shying away

  • Use gestures, such as pointing, pulling or poking things to communicate what they want or need

  • Copy actions and sounds (e.g. clapping hands)

  • Vocalises some vowel-like sounds (e.g. ee, oo)

  • Vocalise one or two consonant sounds (e.g. m, d, p)

  • Combine sounds to form a syllable (e.g. da, pa)

  • Seek attention from others around them

  • Play simple turn-taking games like peek-a-boo

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