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Meet the Team 

Monica is a Certified practicing Member of Speech Pathology Australia. Monica enjoys working with clients of all ages and has experience in working with children who have Autism (ASD). She believes that every client is unique and that they all have the right to communicate. She has experience working in a range of clinical settings and believes that developing functional and realistic goals are essential to ensure therapy is individualised, engaging and fun! Monica holds a professional development certificate in ABA and also speaks fluent Arabic.​

She has previous experience with:​

  • Stuttering,

  • Apraxia of speech,

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder,

  • Lisps,

  • Literacy skills,

  • Expressive Language Disorders,

  • Receptive Language Disorders and

  • Articulation Disorders.

Hi, my name is Inika and I am a Speech Pathologist I have a true passion for working with individuals of all ages who require evidence based support for their communication. I strongly believe that our quality of life directly links to how we use our communication skills to understand and express information… hence why I love this field!


I have experience working with children and adults with developmental and acquired disabilities, who have complex communication and swallowing difficulties. My interest areas include early language, AAC and paediatric feeding. 


I am so excited to join the Shepherd team!


Our Junior Speech Assistant work alongside our Qualified Speech Pathologists to carry out programs and track progress. 

Meet them below:

|| Meet Madi ||

“I am currently studying Speech Pathology at Macquarie University. I enjoy working collaboratively with families to reach their child’s communication goals. I believe that nothing is more rewarding than watching children achieve their milestones in therapy.”

|| Meet Ria ||


“I knew I wanted to study speech pathology because communication is such an integral part of our lives. Hence, being able to assist individuals who have speech and language barriers is something that I find very fulfilling.”

|| Meet Martina ||


"Hi, my name is Martina and I am currently studying speech pathology. My interest in speech pathology is influenced by my passion to support individuals by providing them with the ability to effectively communicate. In speech therapy, I find that the most fulfilling feeling is helping individuals meet their language goals."

|| Meet Jishita ||


"Hi I’m Jishita and I’m a current 4th year student studying Speech Pathology. I love that I’ve found a profession that I can talk to others everyday! I hope to work with clients and their families closely to achieve their communication goals."

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